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Microsoft to users – “You will be assimilated”

When you look at today’s technology, it seems that phones are becoming tablets that are becoming laptops that are becoming workstations. That distinction gets even fuzzier now that Windows 8 is on its way to consumers. The new interface for Windows 8 appears to be very similar to the one on the Windows phones. Windows […]

The end of an era?

The latest news is that HP is looking to sell off their PC business. This may seem insignificant to some, but let’s look at the state of the PC industry right now. As far as major quality players, you can really only count HP,  Dell, Acer, and maybe Toshiba as your elite. True, Asus is moving […]

Where will technology be in 5 years?

Likely the hottest new technology will be something most people couldn’t even conceive of yet. How do you prepare for something that doesn’t exist yet? By keeping your options open and investing in technology that will allow you to grow and scale your business with the world. And who knows? You may just be the […]