The end of an era?

The latest news is that HP is looking to sell off their PC business. This may seem insignificant to some, but let’s look at the state of the PC industry right now. As far as major quality players, you can really only count HP,  Dell, Acer, and maybe Toshiba as your elite. True, Asus is moving up in quantity and Dell and Toshiba have slipped in quality lately, but the top five has been a pretty exclusive club for some time.

So what happens when HP sells off one of its profitable areas? Even assuming someone picks it up who knows how to run it well, it suddenly becomes like Lenovo after IBM sold them off. The quality may be there, but the name and reputation are gone. Where is Lenovo these days? It does have some nice products, but who has heard of it? Who’s buying it? Exactly.


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